My First Apple Music Mixtape I have created my first MIXTAPE with Apple Music’s playlists - i think you will need a subscription for the new Apple Music - {free...

19 August 2015


i fly alot.  well, i fly around and travel alot compared to most people, sure there are plenty of people and friends who travel a LOT. They have their platinum credit cards from their airlines and they rack up the points and perks and they love to spend...

19 November 2014

Three days and counting...

Three days in the fotomerchant offices here in Sutherland "The Shire" in Southern Sydney... and i have pretty much got my head around the new fotomerchant. i have been a user of fotomerchant since they opened their doors four years ago, pack when it was 

19 November 2014

Welcome to the new blog!

I am very excited to finally creating an entirely new website for {nearly} all the things that i am up to with photography.... it has been a very long time coming and i have been working on a few new designs for YEARS!! But here i am working with the amazing...

18 November 2014